Sunday, October 16, 2011

The First One

Primal is the first one. Skott always thought that meant the first split, the first personality to break off.

We learnt last night that, no, Primal means first as in the first personality EVER. The main one. The Prime one. He IS the core. We thought the core was lost.

Primal is two. He is a very scared, deeply traumatised personality. He was 'frozen' at two to prevent future harm and 'Old Scott' was created to take his pain and abuse. Old Scott grew up as the body did. Old Scott was bad. He was not created that way, but learnt to be over time with all the abuse he was subjected too.

Primal was locked away. A baby who sometimes cries and is scared of everyone except his nurse. The one who was created to care for him. No one is allowed near him and he is one of the most heavily protected in the system.

We thought it was because he was a baby. We now know its because he is the core.


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