Saturday, October 15, 2011

A New Name

He used to be known as Fear. A name I never really liked for someone who was only four. I remember Skott telling me that he loved the book "Where the Wild Things Are". When he came to see me the other night, all quiet and sore after a siezure, I held his sore hand and gently soothed it. He was no longer afraid of me, but lay quietly, not saying anything.

I've been trying to find a way to get through to this little one for a while. I've asked Seven before if he can help me, talk to him, tell him I am safe, I won't hurt him. Seven said he's been telling him that I am a good person. So when he came the other night, I wanted to find a way to reach him. I asked him if he would do me a favour, if he would let me give him a special name, one just for him and I. I asked if I could call him my special little Max, my little King of the Wild Things. He liked this and nodded his head yes.

Later, I found out from Skott that he decided this would be his new name for all time. That from now on, he wanted to be called Max, instead of Fear. I was so pleased to hear that, it's such a major step forward for him. All his life, all he has known is pain, misery, fear. Hence the name. Now, he is starting to learn that now is a new time. He is safe now. He can move on from the past of pain and hurt.

I hope its the first of many steps forward.


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